Funding Guidelines


The mission of the Gilliam Foundation is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities through financial support of ongoing programs and innovative projects. Proposals for competitive grants are considered on the basis of how they enhance the quality of life or primarily Delawareans.  The Foundation funds innovative programs or projects that address problems to be solved, opportunities to be seized or issues needing greater attention.  The Foundation is particularly interested in proactive, preventative and future-thinking proposals that create positive outcomes.  Specifically, major emphasis is on support of organizations that strengthen life and concentrate on providing opportunity and access to quality education, cultural arts and services to enhance family well-being. 


Our charitable giving program is designed to respect the diversity of our communities, with particular interest in the African American community.

Grants will be for short-term funding only - generally one year.  An organization can apply for funding the following year for the same program.  while The Gilliam Foundation generously funds may nonprofit organizations in our communities, it is impossible to fund every request received.  The Foundation encourages seeking funds from multiple sources. 

Organizations mush ave tax exempt status under IRS section 501(c)(3)


  1. Demonstrate vision, effectiveness, good management and action or positive change
  2. Address diversity
  3. Encourage collaboration between agencies and reduce duplication of services
  4. Leverage funds from other sources
  5. Create a sense of community through neighborhood involvement and outreach
  6. Include an evaluation component (form will be sent if grant is approved)


  1. Endowment
  2. Individual Scholarships
  3. Debt Reduction
  4. Religious organizations for sectarian purposes. (Programs or projects that serve the entire community, regardless of religious affiliation, are eligible for support)
  5. Annual fundraising campaigns or general operating expenses
  6. Projects completed before the date of grant approval by the Foundation's Board of Director's
  7. Sports clubs or leagues
  8. Educational institutions for capital projects
  9. ​Individuals



The Foundation Board makes grants three times a year, once in the spring, summer and fall.  In many cases, Board members and.or staff will conduct a site visitation after submission of a full proposal, particularly for organizations new to the Foundation. 

​Grant seekers must submit a proposal, which includes the following information:

​1.  Summary of the proposal and proposal narrative which should include:

  • ​A statement describing the issue which the program or project being presented will address and how this meets the organization's missions.  Reference or include articles or other documentation to substantiate any subjective matters referred to in your statement.

  • Description of the program/project and the community outcome intended for the community or the community benchmark to be affected.  Be sure to include how the community outcome or benchmark was deermined with supporting articles or other documentation.  Note that the Foundation is very involved in aiding the non-profit sectors implementation of community based benchmarks and outcomes to enhance accountability.

  • ​Description of the evaluation that will be done to determine the effectiveness of the program/project and how the change in the outcome of benchmark will be measured.


​2.  Explanation of the proposal's relationship to your organization's primary mission and activities.

3.  Where money will be used 

4. Amount being requested, total proposed budget, and amounts received to date. 

5. Total agency general operating budget

6. List of other funds committed for the organization

7. Name and telephone number of the contact person

The Foundation Grants Committee will review proposals periodically and follow up with all grant seekers. 

The Foundation will notify you in writing of the Board's decision within one month of the Board meeting.